shooting packages

Packages Offered

  • Driven Days (100- 200 Pheasant & Partridge)
  • Smaller Driven Days (50 - 99 Pheasant)
  • Budget Mixed bag (Woodcock, Snipe, Duck & Pheasant)
  • Snipe & Woodcock

Teams of guns between 7–10 preferable for driven days, but for budget days we can accommodate a minimum of 6 guns.

Teams need to be of reasonable fitness as there are a number of different types of terrains to traverse.

Driven days

These drives offer the high fast and challenging birds with a mix of pheasant and partridge, Some of the drives are in wooded areas giving good conditions to see woodcock.

For these drives a minimum of 7 guns are required but we are able to accommodate a team of up to 10.

You can expect around 100 to 200 birds.

We stop at end of the day for an enjoyable pub roast dinner with  and coffee and no doubt tell the tales of the ones that got away.

  • Deposit of £100 per gun, 

Budget Shooting Mixed Bag

If you are looking for something different and affordable then this budget mixed bag package is for you. Mixed bags are made up of  Woodcock, Snipe, Pheasant and Duck.

We will take you to different parts of the shoot, from wooded areas for the Woodcock and Pheasant to open fields for the challenging Snipe, please do remember that Woodcock and Snipe are wild birds and numbers do depend on weather conditions.

  • Minimum of 6 guns.
  • Deposit of £50 per gun,  
  • Prices from £1500 per day
  • with approximately 30 to 50 mixed birds.

Limited days available so please contact us  for availability.

Smaller Driven Days

This is a very similar package as the bigger driven days, offering challenging birds in our wooded areas and high fast birds from our steep hills.

Bag size 50-99 birds.

Teams only with a minimum of 6 guns.

We stop at 1pm for sandwiches, cakes and coffee.

  • Deposit of £100 per gun,  

Snipe & Woodcock

Mid December to mid January there are limited days for our driven Snipe and Woodcock shoots.

There are unfortunately no guarantees on these shoots due to the birds being wild, so seasonal and weather conditions play greatly in there numbers.

Teams of 8 - 10 guns.

  • Deposit of £50 per gun.
  • Price:£1300 for the day
  • Deposit Payable on booking
  • Cash or Cheque only
  • Balance payable on day
  • Cancellation results in the loss of the deposit
  • We are fully insured

 For anymore information please contact us and we will answer any questions or queries you may have.

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